Com Relay Safehouse

In the mist of the spawl of Seattle there is an old Com Relay Station. Basically a small metal shed, locked off with old warning symbols plastered on the door.
The com station is no longer in use and the hardware inside is outdated and out of order. However a trapdoor in the floor leads to an medium sized celler below, where our shadowrunner have established a small base. For now it only serves as a place to meet and talk in safety. Every runner has a key card for the door. A pile of stash can be found in the corner, This may come in handy for the runners or any future runners.
A few paper headlines and notes are plastered on one wall, this represent the group reputation, based on completed missions and actions by the Group. Group reputation is only really relevant for headhunting new shadowrunners.
New runners may withdraw 1/10th (round down) of the group reputation pool (Karma, Notority, Public) after creating a new character. This represent that the Group will be able to attract likeminded runners.

Group Karma: 85
Group Cred: 8 (calculated)
Group Notority: 1
Group Public Awareness: 1

Monthly Upkeep: 0

- Enfield AS-7
- Enfield AS-7
- Shotgun Slug: 15
- 4 x Ares Crusader II (45 rnds each)
- 1 x Fichetti Security 600 (30 rnds)
- 1 x Colt America L36 (75 rnds)

- Free electricity and water.
- Exterior MagLock (Rating 2)
- Counter with retro microwave and water boiler.
- Restroom
- Plast-table and chairs
- Old Synth-leather couch. Plast box subtitude for the broken leg.

Com Relay Safehouse

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