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  • Food Fight

    Solo Runs: - Sledge ventured off to help his Uncle, who had been accused of stealing liquor. - Hardpoint did a bodyguard job for Johnson San. - Ms. Myth infiltrated into a Horizon subsidary to convince a researching to change company.

    Halloween at McHugh

    *Run Type:* Misdirection/Extraction *Setting:* Downtown Seattle and Everett district. *Time:* Evening. *Weather:* Wet and windy.

    Stepping Up

    *Run Type:* Datasteal *Setting:* Downtown Seattle. *Time:* Late afternoon. *Weather:* Sunny

    Going Inside

    *Run Type:* Datasteal *Setting:* Downtown Seattle. *Weather:* Sunny with heavy ashfall expected in the evening.

    Snatch and Grabe

    *Run Type:* Extraction *Setting:* A posh condominium center in downtown Seattle. *Time:* Friday, Dec 13th 2075 (In character date) *Weather:* Cold. Stormy. The kind of weather you don’t want to find yourself climbing a skyscraper in. *Area Map* …

  • McHugh's

    *McHugh's:* The home of the golden goalposts, this bastion of the ‘average person’ is wildly popular. This is due in mega-gigantic part to several things: 1) …

  • McHugh Menu

    The [[McHugh's | McHugh's]] Menu 2¥ : The Basic—soyburger with Pick’ls™ 3¥ : The Hugh™—soyburger with processed cheeseflavored food and Pick’ls™ 5¥ : The Beast™—triple soyburger with processed cheese-flavored food and fried egg substitute 7¥ : The …

  • Halloweeners

    The Halloweeners are one of the more ferocious gangs of Seattle. Their symbol is a flaming Jack O’Lantern and their colors are black and orange. They have their beginning several years ago, but began in their present form a few years back when the …

  • Seattle

    *Population:* 4,000,000+ Humans: 66% Elves: 13% Dwarves: 2% Orks: 16% Trolls: 2% Other: 1% *Size:* {{{size}}} *Population Density:* 500+/km2 *Per Capita Income:* 26,000¥ *Below Poverty Level:* 32% *On Fortune's Active …

  • Stuffer Shack

     photo Stuffer-Shack.png Stuffer Shacks are corner convenience stores found across the Seattle metroplex and the UCAS. They operate 24-7, and sell food, …

  • Com Relay Safehouse

    In the mist of the spawl of Seattle there is an old Com Relay Station. Basically a small metal shed, locked off with old warning symbols plastered on the door. The com station is no longer in use and the hardware inside is outdated and out of order. …