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    h2. Welcome Deltaware Dreams The year is 2075. Our campaign starts out a gloomy day in November. We use Shadowrun 5th Edition.

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    h3. The Matrix >Display search results h4. Rules: * "Q&A":https://delta.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/q-a * [[Resources | Resources]] h4. Locations: * [[Com Relay Safehouse | Com Relay Safehouse]] * [[Seattle | Seattle]] h4. …

  • McHugh's

    *McHugh's:* The home of the golden goalposts, this bastion of the ‘average person’ is wildly popular. This is due in mega-gigantic part to several things: 1) …

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    The [[McHugh's | McHugh's]] Menu 2¥ : The Basic—soyburger with Pick’ls™ 3¥ : The Hugh™—soyburger with processed cheeseflavored food and Pick’ls™ 5¥ : The Beast™—triple soyburger with processed cheese-flavored food and fried egg substitute 7¥ : The …