Elf Matrix Support


Smogg is a Technomancer with some skills in Automatics and a good charisma for social situations


Smogg is a good looking Asian elf with minor augmentations such as data jack.
Often more relevant, his Persona is a white clad Wuxia Ice Prince. A costly persona that has been sculpted by some of the best artists within Wuxing.

Shen Ming was born in Hong Kong. His family has served Wuxing for generations and is well respected.
Shen Ming was taught business skills, but it soon became clear that he had a talent for the Matrix, and he took a track towards Matrix Security.
Fully trained he transferred to Seattle of the position as Security Spider.
During his professional life, he prevented a group of hackers on a Wuxing Host from sinking a Wuxing Mega Cargo Carrier. However not without getting bricked and he spend several months in hospital with severe migraine.
Slowly he came to realize that his condition was caused by his mind opening to the resonance, and when he finally began to embrace it, the pain disappeared.
Unfortunately Technomancy within a Megacorporation is problematic, and he soon realized that without a license and the approval of Wuxing, his days as a brilliant and well paid corp spider were numbered.

Mei Chaofeng, a resourceful executive in the Seattle branch would not let an opportunity slip by easily. She has promised Shen Ming to set him up with a proper license and to let him return to his position. However, first she would need an important piece of work done. Specifically she needs financial data on all rival Megacorporations in relation to the upcoming Audit. Mei has set up Shen with records of severe head trauma and a “recovery” arrangement. She further put him in contact with Xiao, a solid fixer.
With a proper runner team and training he will under his new handle “Smogg” eventually penetrate target corporations and retrieve essential data.
With his dream link, he is trying to get a better understanding of his own mind and the Resonance.


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