Human Decker


Skilled elven decker with a solid cyberdeck. Also a dangerous sniper.


It’s easy to think that Gentry is all talk, because he talks a lot. Give him a Little room and he’ll regale you with tales of his urban brawl days, making it sound like he was the MVP of a championship team. Truth is, he was a fill-in on a feeder team, but one thing he learned in his urban brawl days was the value of a swagger. His talk gets people to think he’s nothing more than a blowhard, but then he shows them that he can back up what he says. He’s got some useful argumentations and is a decent shot with a pistol, bot where he really excels is on the Matrix. He doesn’t have a traditional decker background, which makes him creative and able to find openings where other hackers might not think to look. He loves it when he can do something unexpected and over the top, because he knows he’ll end up with a great story to tell – provided, of course, he survives.


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